The Success Blueprint

Feb 17 2023 Save Max Sports Centre, Brampton

Real Estate Coaching & Networking Sessions

Save Max firmly believes that real estate is a profession that surpasses any specific company or organization. Our commitment to supporting and guiding real estate professionals stems from our deep understanding of their challenges in this highly competitive field. Driven by his passion for real estate, Mr. Raman Dua has always embraced the idea that the profession extends beyond any single entity. He finds great fulfillment in sharing his experiences and insights with others, recognizing the importance of dispelling misconceptions and bridging knowledge gaps within the industry. To address these needs, Mr. Dua initiated weekly sessions for our team members at our office. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants encouraged us to make these sessions available to a broader audience. The impact has been astounding, with attendees reporting successful deals closed and transactions completed, all thanks to the knowledge gained during these sessions. At Save Max, we offer regular coaching and networking sessions that delve into practical strategies and provide valuable insights for building a million-dollar real estate business. Join us to access this invaluable resource and elevate your real estate career to new heights.

Raman Dua

Save Max Founder & CEO | Real Estate & Business Coach

Raman Dua truly believes that every challenge can be converted into an opportunity.

A creative visionary, he excels at identifying key market opportunities, strategizing, and nurturing a culture of inclusion. He has a proven track record of implementing innovative plans in the Canadian real estate market. In just over a decade, his strong work ethic, business acumen and passion for excellence have seen Save Max grow into a global business.

Raman is an innovative, forward-thinking CEO, adding diverse investment sectors such as Education & Healthcare under the Save Max brand. He loves mentoring and empowering people and encourages a work culture of community involvement and service at Save Max. As part of his efforts to give back to the community, he has donated generous donations to various organizations such as Trillium Health Partners and the Krish Hope Foundation.

Raman is the recipient of many awards, including the “Pride of India” and the Philip Kotler Award for Creative Marketing. He was recently awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Pin in recognition of his contribution to the community.

An avid reader and a proponent of good health, he plays tennis, mediates and works out regularly to maintain the ideal work-life balance.

Join the Save Max Youth Club

The Save Max Youth Club is our community-based initiative that offers youth aged 16-22 and young newcomers resources and opportunities to develop skills and gain valuable experience for their future careers. As a member, you'll receive invites to business seminars, internships, workshops, and mentoring programs on topics like financial literacy and career planning. We also offer post-landing services to help newcomers settle into their new lives in Canada. Join us today and let's work together to create a brighter future for ourselves and our communities!

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Success Blueprint

Hosted at our very own, Save Max Sports Centre, Raman Dua shared his expertise in generating real estate leads and converting them into business with a 30-day action plan to make $100K in 1 year.

You vs. You

Raman Dua shared some of his personal stories and discussed how you can overcome your personal barriers, and create success in the real estate industry.

Social Media & You

Raman Dua, shared his insights on the various social media platforms that can help you connect with potential clients as well as the strategies you can use to effectively market your real estate business.

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*All profits generated from these seminars will be allocated towards charitable organizations, focusing on those supporting youth, healthcare, and sports. Our commitment to transparency ensures that the exact details of these donations will be made available to all stakeholders regularly.